the rotary dial

best new poetry in form

Weeds are not supposed to grow
but by degrees
some achieve a flower, although
no one sees.


The Rotary Dial publishes monthly in PDF, ideally a mix of Canadian and international poets, both new and established, all writing in form.

We often get asked what we mean by form. Well, a poem is formal to us if it sets up a pattern of sound, whether through meter (no stress, stress, no stress, stress), rhyme (ABAB), or any other method.

We also see form as a continuum, with hard formalism at one end (more patterned), and soft at the other (less patterned). We're open to work that falls anywhere inside this range, especially if it doesn't torture sense, idiom or the natural rhythms of spoken English. "Hard to write, easy to read" is our unofficial mantra. And we're open to all tones, from weighty to light. Check out the coffee table for samples.

Of course, a poem needs more besides form to recommend it. There's a lot of bad formal poetry out there and a lot of good free verse. Form is necessary for getting into The Dial, but not sufficient.

Anyhow, submissions of one unpublished poem per calendar month and a short bio should be sent in the body of an email. However, we are not currently reading submissions.

We'll get back to you within two months of receiving your work if and only if we're accepting something.

If you haven't heard back in two months, it means we're encouraging you to give some other worthy journal a try.

Once again, you'll only hear back if we've decided to take something.

We aren't currently a paying market but hope to be once we land a few grants. 

Thanks so much for dialing The Dial.