the rotary dial

best new poetry in form

Weeds are not supposed to grow
but by degrees
some achieve a flower, although
no one sees.


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Issue 35, January
David LeBlanc, Toby Speed, E.V. Wyler, Joshua Davis, Olivia Byard, Cara Valle, Anton Yakovlev, Ann Keith, Jennifer Reeser, Michael Ferris, Robin Helweg-Larsen

Issue 36, February
Conrad Geller, Jerome Betts, Elise Hempel, Anne Lawrence Bradshaw, Charlie Southerland, Quincy R. Lehr, Reese Warner, Lewis Turco, Gwen Hart, Jean L. Kreiling, Liam Guilar, j. tate barlow

Issue 37, March
Derek Updegraff, Marty Steyer, Hannah Hackney, Stella Nickerson, Bardia Sinaee, Maryann Corbett, Anton Yakovlev, Claudia Gary, Susan McLean, David LeBlanc, E.V. Wyler, Charles Hughes

Issue 38, April
Brian Stanley, Charlie Southerland, Marcus Bales, Gwen Hart, Anne Lawrence Bradshaw, Jerome Betts, Elise Hempel, Liam Guilar, Michael Ferris, Chris O’Carroll

Issue 39, May
C.B. Anderson, Jean L. Kreiling, Claudia Gary, Brodie Gress, Toby Speed, Gail White, Bardia Sinaee, Claudia Gary, Martin Elster, James McKee, Owen Lucas, Robin Helweg-Larsen

Issue 40, June
Chris O’Carroll, Siham Karami, Nick Humez, dl mattila, Elise Hempel, Maryann Corbett, Jane Blanchard, Derek Updegraff, Peter Kline, Louis Hunt

Issue 41, July
James McKee, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Susan McLean, Claudia Gary, Kim Bridgford, Marcus Bales. J.D. Smith, Bardia Sinaee, Casey FitzSimons, Jordana Graber

Issue 42, August
Peter Kline, Martin Elster, Brian Stanley, James Toupin, Conor Kelly, Elise Hempel, Laura J. Bobrow, Siham Karami, Kate Kennedy, Charlie Southerland, Matthew Dobson

Issue 43, September
Gail White, Conor Kelly, Kim Bridgford, Marcus Bales, Charlie Southerland, Ross Moyer, Jane Blanchard, Sunil Iyengar, Maryann Corbett, Jennifer Reeser, Elise Hempel, Charles Hughes

Issue 44, October
Patrick Kennedy, Laura J. Bobrow, Quincy R. Lehr, Gerard Sarnat, Peter Kline, Liam Guilar, Susan McLean, Jane Blanchard, J.P. Celia, Ian Colville, James Miller

Issue 45, November
Claudia Gary tribute issue

Issue 46, December - will be archived in a few months. Get each issue free while it's fresh, join our email list.




Issue 23, January
Jacob Riyeff, Marcus Bales, Kenneth Sherman, Owen Lucas, Rob Griffith, Mark Mansfield, Colin Dodds, Stewart Alexander Sanderson, Claudia Gary, Ann Keith

Issue 23, February
Marcus Bales, Charlie Southerland, Kim Bridgford, David Cooke, Chris O'Carroll, Ann Keith, Charlie Keys Bohem

Issue 25, March
Rob Griffith, Claudia Gary, Jan D. Hodge, Owen Lucas, Marcus Bales, Brian Stanley

Issue 26, April
Lois Williams, Catherine Chandler, Anna M. Evans, Chris O'Carroll, Maryann Corbett, J. D. Smith, Marcus Bales, Lewis Turco, Brian Stanley

Issue 27, May
Janice D. Soderling, Jenna Le, Jennifer Reeser, Gail White, Michael Ferris, Quincy R. Lehr, Stella Nickerson, j. tate barlow, Henry King, George Szirtes, Liam Guilar, Conrad Geller

Issue 28, June
David Cooke, Brian Stanley, Johnny Longfellow, Siham Karami, Matt Quinn, Lois Williams, Andrew Pidoux, Ann Keith, Jean L. Kreiling, Anna Evans, Kim Bridgford, Marcus Bales

Issue 29, July
Susan Spear, j. tate barlow, Michael Follow, C.B. Anderson, Gail White, Annie Finch, Stella Nickerson, Brooke Clark, J.D. Smith, George Szirtes, Liam Guilar

Issue 30, August
Michael Ferris, Jane Blanchard, Marcus Bales, Gwen Hart, Charlie Southerland, Jean Free, Anna M. Evans, Chris O’Carroll, Brian Stanley, Andrew Pidoux

Issue 31, September
Annie Finch, Conrad Geller, Jennifer Reeser, Marcus Bales, Charles Hughes, Jean L. Kreiling, Stella Nickerson, Lewis Turco, Robin Helweg-Larsen, Anton Yakovlev, Matthew Dobson

Issue 32, October
Marcus Bales tribute issue

Issue 33, November
Anna M. Evans, Anton Yakovlev, Joan Mazza, Siham Karami, Jerome Betts, Cara Valle, Gail White, Gwen Hart, Brooke Clark, Brian Stanley, Rob Griffith, Andrew Pidoux

Issue 34, December - best dial poems of 2015
Marcus Bales, Mark Mansfield, Ann Keith, Claudia Gary, Brian Stanley, Lois Williams, Catherine Chandler, J. D. Smith, Jennifer Reeser, Gail White, Quincy R. Lehr, Stella Nickerson, George Szirtes, Conrad Geller, Johnny Longfellow, Jean L. Kreiling, Jean Free, Andrew Pidoux, Charles Hughes




Issue 11, January
Charles Hughes, Conrad Geller, Ned Balbo, Claudia Gary, Michael Follow, Kim Bridgford, J.D. Smith, Rob Griffith, Rehan Qayoom, Gail White

Issue 12, February
Kevin O'Shea, Michael Prior, W.F. Lantry, dl mattila, Burt Myers, Jane Blanchard, Seth Braver, Gail White

Issue 13, March
J.B. Mulligan, Michael Follow, Harvey O'Leary, Chris O'Carroll, Charles Hughes, C.B. Anderson, Anna M. Evans, Len Krisak, Claudia Gary, Conrad Geller, George Szirtes

Issue 14, April
Janice D. Soderling, Gail White, Thomas Soden, Martin Elster, Heidi Morrell, W. F. Lantry, Michael R. Burch, J. D. Smith

Issue 15, May
George Szirtes, Mark Blaeuer, Kevin O'Shea, Travis Biddick, Claudia Gary, Conrad Geller, Catherine Chandler, Doireann Ní Ghríofa, Henry King, Brian Stanley

Issue 16, June
Leslie Monsour, Kevin Casey, Thomas Zimmerman, Lois Williams, Bethany W. Pope, Dan Ferrara, Ned Balbo, Perry L. Powell, JBMulligan, C. B. Anderson, Chris O'Carroll, Sandy Shreve

Issue 17, July
Jan D. Hodge, Jean Free, David Cooke, Daniel Brown, Henry King, Claudia Gary, Robert Boucheron, Brian Stanley

Issue 18, August
Kim Bridgford, Leslie Monsour, Brian Stanley, Doireann Ní Ghríofa, Kevin Casey, Stewart Sanderson, Chris O’Carroll, Lois Williams, George Szirtes

Issue 19, September
Jacob Riyeff, Claudia Gary, Rob Griffith, Barbara Lydecker Crane, C.B. Anderson, Robert Boucheron, Henry King

Issue 20, October
Kim Bridgford tribute issue

Issue 21, November
Julie Stoner, Brian Stanley, Gavin Corey, Stewart Alexander Sanderson, Micheline Maylor, Janice D. Soderling, Marcus Bales, Melissa Cannon, Charles Hughes

Issue 22, December - best dial poems of 2014
Charles Hughes, Conrad Geller, Ned Balbo, Claudia Gary, Rob Griffith, Gail White, Kevin O’Shea, Jane Blanchard, Seth Braver, C.B. Anderson, George Szirtes, Mark Blaeuer, Henry King, Brian Stanley, Leslie Monsour, Lois Williams, Robert Boucheron, Kim Bridgford, Stewart Sanderson, Chris O’Carroll, Marcus Bales




Issue 1, March
Maryann Corbett, Frank Osen, Mary Meriam, John Beaton, Kim Bridgford, David Rosenthal, David Gwilym Anthony

Issue 2, April
Charles Martin, Kevin O'Shea, Jennifer Reeser, George Freek, Jim Burrows, Miguel Eichelberger, Phillip Crymble, Julie Kane, Mark Blauer, Quincy R. Lehr, Janice D. Soderling, Sandra Lloyd

Issue 3, May
Marybeth Rua-Larsen, Sandra Lloyd, Raymond Westcott, Chris O'Carroll, J.D. Smith, Luke Stromberg, Frank Osen, Quincy R. Lehr, Alex Boyd

Issue 4, June
Anna M. Evans, Kim Bridgford, Janice D. Soderling, Melissa Balmain, Jesse Anger

Issue 5, July
Chris O'Carroll, Kim Bridgford, Michael Follow, Catherine Chandler, Barbara Lydecker Crane, David M. Harris, Mary Cresswell, Charles Hughes

Issue 6, August
Anna M. Evans, E. Martin Pedersen, Heidi Czerwiec, Joseph Tate, David Whippman, Dana Robbins, Sue Kanhai, Taylor Mali, Seth Braver, Alan Girling, Chris O'Carroll

Issue 7, September
Chris O'Carroll, Ned Balbo, Janice D. Soderling, Seth Braver, Charles Hughes

Issue 8, October
Gregory Crosby, Kim Bridgford, Conrad Geller, Ned Balbo, David Whippman, Miguel Eichelberger, Martin Elster, James Scannell McCormick, Claudia Gary, C.B. Anderson, Maryann Corbett

Issue 9, November
Conrad Geller, Jean Free, Michael R. Burch, Kim Bridgford, Claudia Gary, Charles Hughes

Issue 10, December - best dial poems of 2013
Frank Osen, David Rosenthal, David Gwilym Anthony, Maryann Corbett, Charles Martin, Kevin O’Shea, Janice D. Soderling, Sandra Lloyd, Marybeth Rua-Larsen, Anna M. Evans, Kim Bridgford, Melissa Balmain, Chris O’Carroll, Barbara Lydecker Crane, David M. Harris, Mary Cresswell, Charles Hughes, Sue Kanhai, Ned Balbo, Seth Braver, Gregory Crosby, James Scannell McCormick, Claudia Gary, Conrad Geller, Jean Free