the rotary dial

best new poetry in form

Weeds are not supposed to grow
but by degrees
some achieve a flower, although
no one sees.

From the September Issue


A World Elsewhere

When I shall read, and having read, put down that book
that tries to tell me how the world can co-exist
with my perception of it via Wittgenstein –
“The world is everything that is the case,” he wrote –

when I shall leave the town in which I work and live
and drive the well-lit streets at night in search of hope
or dreams or what the street lamps shine their beams upon
as I change gears outside the East Side Shopping Mall,

when I shall watch the atmospheric harvest moon
drift past the town hall clock and slowly disappear
behind a blood-dimmed cloud that fronts a blood-dimmed sky
where stars have yet to shine and show a world elsewhere,

then shall I find another world, a world in which
a feather fails to fall nor deigns to slowly drift
into a wood where migratory birds might chirp
the evanescence of an early evening,

then shall I find a wrecked abandoned wooden door
lopped and chopped and planed and stained and opening where
a few tall trees remain to let light filter through
and cast a dappled shadow on a dappled earth,

then shall I fail to find the child that I once was
who disappeared into the distances I passed
leaving behind abandoned shoes, abandoned trails.
The world is everything that is the case; or not.


Conor Kelly was born in Dublin, Ireland, and spent his adult life teaching in a school in the Dublin suburbs. In 2011, he retired to a small village in the Charente region of France to play boules, sample the local cuisine and run a twitter site, @poemtoday, dedicated to the short poem and a Tumblr site (poem-today) which publishes a classic or a contemporary poem on a daily basis. He has had poems printed in American, Mexican, British and Irish magazines.



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