the rotary dial

best new poetry in form

Weeds are not supposed to grow
but by degrees
some achieve a flower, although
no one sees.

From the January Issue


Spinoza at Lenscrafters™

Next. NEXT.
One moment, please, as I review this text.
Let’s see. The universe does not equate with God,
But God infuses all
As air and avarice fill up this mall –
As antecedent sunlight will infuse and prod
A bud to flower.
That’s good enough. And here’s my card, feel free to call.
Though you might find yourself perplexed,
Your glasses will be ready in an hour.


J.D. Smith’s third collection, Labor Day at Venice Beach, was published in 2012. Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth, a humor collection including both poetry and prose, came out in March, 2013. He holds an M.A. from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University.